Below you will find words from some of the people who have worked with Henrik over the years

"I had a pleasure to work alongside Henrik in Singapore. He is a vibrant personality and a well-rounded, knowledgeable fitness professional with experience in educating and training coaches in Europe and across Asia. A sportsman, CrossFitter, Under Armour ambassador. Person with a positive mindset who up-skills trainers and is able to run multiple fitness projects"

Chris Heda

Head of Gym TripleFit, Singapore

"I've had the pleasure to be associated with Henrik on multiple occasions and the experience has been phenomenal. He has conducted workshops for hundreds of my staff over several cities in India; he broke down the movements amazingly well and imparted the knowledge about different phases and effective cueing while teaching olympic lifts and we found the workshop really useful.


I've also attended the FMS level 1 course in Thailand taught by Henrik and I was amazed by his knowledge and more importantly the way he communicated with the group of participants; he really made learning a great experience during the workshop. 


Recently I also reached out to Henrik to get some insights on personal training as a product as he is one of the best coaches out there in my opinion. I believe he is really transparent and honest when it comes to passing knowledge, he doesn't hold back information that he has gathered through his experience as an athlete and coach over a period of time and this shows how passionate Henrik is about fitness and coaching. 


Beyond this, on a personal front I feel Henrik is a very grounded and humble personality. I definitely look up to him s a coach and mentor".

Rishabh Telang

Founder Cult.Fit & fitness expert Cure.Fit, Bangalore, India

"I have the pleasure of working with Henrik to set up TripleFit Singapore, a fitness performance cum retail hub located in Millenia Walk. Undoubtedly, Henrik’s intense knowledge in fitness, exercise science and nutrition has helped built TriplelFit’s brand and fitness DNA and his fitness philosophies continue to grow and thrive among the members and fitness team. Apart from his strong fitness skills, what strikes me most about him is his impeccable personality and the ability to engage, connect and motivate peers and management alike. He is a great motivator and a worthy mentor to own! Truly, there’s never a dull moment with Henrik!"

Dennis Chong

Former General Manager, TripleFit, Singapore

"Henrik conducted a very interesting lecture 'Ideas for healthy living - installing healthy habits' for the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok. We were around 50 people that got to learn about the three core pillars of health and he gave us some tips and tricks to keep us healthy. Mixed in in the lecture were some mobility tests that we all had great fun with! The perfect balance between theory and practice. Henrik is a very engaging, inspiring and enthusiastic speaker and we all took with us some simple strategies to install healthy habits".

Katarina Svensson

Embassy of Sweden, Bangkok

"In relevance to my job and hobbies I have a good opportunity to meet with lots of personal trainers. Obviously Henrik is one of the best trainer I've known. On top of his excellent training skill and fitness knowledge, he is definitely a great role model of tough person with a gentle personality“

Sutouch Vongsuksiri

Director of Sales and Business Development, SEARA Thailand

"In a modern society where we spend many hours hunched over our devices we need to learn to pay better attention to improved flexibility and postural strength. We would highly recommend the workshop and systems delivered and presented by Henrik and we were the fortunate recipients of a great class - thank you Henrik!"

Chris E Stafford

CEO, 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts

“Henrik delivered a great course with us at Vientiane International School, the course material was competently delivered and gave our students and staff knowledge and tools in how to use the equipment in our school gym in how to become better athletes and improve general fitness “

David Williams

Athletic Director, Vientiane International School, Laos 

"Henrik's approach to correctional exercise and conditioning is refreshing, fascinating and very effective. I thoroughly enjoyed his approach and also learnt new things in his class ('Balance & Movement'). Highly recommended."

Roger J Moore

Wellness consultant

“Henrik worked with my team with the Synrgy360 at SPEOX 2014 in Seoul. He brought a lot of athleticism and energy to the expo and was leading by example. His knowledge in the industry is impressive and it's obvious that he is continuously reading and learning the latest research and updates to stay ahead of the curve. Finally, Henrik’s likeable personality goes very well with the people he interacts with that makes any group feel at ease and comfortable to learn from him - this is why he’s such a great role model for the Asian fitness industry “

Ho Song Bak 

Founder of Korea Functional Training Academy

“It was very exciting to have Henrik at VIS, teaching us many new things. The course was delivered competently and Henrik was great with the kids, great with the teachers, everybody seemed to have fun and I would recommend this program for any other schools out there” 

Lucas Clarkson

Vientiane International School, Laos

“It was a true privilege to learn from Henrik during his visit teaching about training systems and coaching skills to me and my colleagues at Rush Fitness. Coming from a background in commercial fitness clubs I had little exposure and experience in the science of human movement prior to our meeting. The systems that I was taught for anything from warm-up protocols to strength and conditioning programs have been very useful for me in developing my career and my staff and any questions I had, Henrik gave a very satisfying and logical answer. In summary, the training Henrik provided to me and my staff was brilliant. With a very genuine and helpful teaching method I regard Henrik as hands down one of the best Coaches in Asia” 

Sanjay Dutta

PT Manager, Rush Fitness, Kolkata, India 

“Henrik taught me a lot about technique, positions, posture and how to engage different muscles to achieve desired results. I felt this will help a lot since it's so important to have this knowledge in the gym as well as playing sports - simply to perform better. Great work Henrik!” 

Chris Bachmann

Chris Coaching, Vientianne, Laos 

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