Below you will find a summary of projects and work by Henrik

HAUS No3 - Creator and owner

Together with his wife, Amm, Henrik is the owner of HAUS No3, a boutique personal training studio in Bangkok, Thailand. They have developed everything about this unique concept and brand; from creating cutting-edge training systems, layout and facility design to branding and managing social media. HAUS No3 is definitely a place worth visiting and training at if you are in Bangkok! 

FYSIK - Designer and owner

Henrik is the designer of FYSIK - making handcrafted training equipment in Bangkok, Thailand from classic materials such as genuine leather, stainless steel and teak wood. FYSIK started as a project to solve Henrik's and wife Amm's desire to find training equipment that would look good in an otherwise beautiful environment. Realising there weren't many options, they decided to take matters in their own hands and the results speak for themselves; getting orders from luxury homeowners, boutique hotels and studios from all over the world for their unique products. 

Functional Movement Screen™ - Master instructor

Henrik has been involved with FMS since 2014 and is currently working as the master instructor for FMS in Asia. Click here if you would like to know more about the course and how to become a host for an FMS certification. 

Fitness Education - Professional development

Some of the clients, companies and international schools Henrik has worked with in delivering education includes;

- RUSH Fitness (Kolkata India)

- TripleFit (Singapore)

- Shanghai American School (SAS, Shanghai, China)

- Bangkok Pattana School (BPS, Bangkok, Thailand)

- Western Academy of Beijing (WAB, Beijing, China)

- Vientiane International School (VIS, Vientiane, Laos)

- Cascade Club (Bangkok, Thailand)

- Seara Fitness (Bangkok, Thailand)

- WE Fitness (Bangkok, Thailand)

- SPOEX Fitness Convention (Seoul, South Korea)

- etc.

Seminars and Workshops - Public speaking

​Some of the topics for clients, companies and events Henrik has worked with in delivering seminars and workshops includes; 

- "Ideas for healthy living - installing healthy habits", for the Embassy of Sweden (Bangkok, Thailand)

- "Balance and Movement", for 137 Pillars Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

- "What is Functional Training", for Seara Fitness (Bangkok, Thailand)

- "An introduction to FMS", for ASEAN Council of Physical Education and Sport (ACPES 2017, Kasetsart University, Thailand)

- "Effective training and health for women", for SWEA, Swedish Women's Educational Association (Bangkok, Thailand) 

"An introduction to FMS", for the faculty of physical education, Srinakharinawirot University (Bangkok, Thailand)

- "The 3 mobility majors", "Core training from the ground and up", etc, for FITEX fitness convention (Greater Noida, India)

- etc.

TripleFit - Head of Fitness and consultant

As the Head of Fitness and later consultant, Henrik was a part of the team to develop the concept behind TripleFit - a 20,000 square foot performance and retail hub in Singapore, opened in 2016. The job included business planning, layout and gym design, program development (group training and personal training), staff training, etc. He has developed many popular group training classes such as TripleHIIT, 20/40/20, EnduroFit and Triple15. 

Test of Will - Head of programming

Henrik has been involved in the development of Test of Will (2016-2018) - a fitness competition by Triple Co.Ltd, distributors for Under Armour in South East Asia. As the head of programming for this regional event (with 10,000+ participants across 5 countries), Henrik was appointed to help with the design the competition and to be the official head judge. Test of Will has successfully grown to become one of the main fitness competitions in the region since it started, in 2016. 

Aspire Club - Director, fitness manager and CrossFit head coach

Between 2010-2015, Henrik was the director, fitness manager and CrossFit head coach at Aspire Club and CrossFit BK in Bangkok, Thailand. He was responsible for hiring coaches, developing the team and creating training and business systems as well as conducting personal training, coaching and programming for CrossFit.

Life Fitness Academy - Master trainer

Henrik has been working with the education side of Life Fitness Academy since 2014. He is one of few master instructors in Asia and delivers education on products such as Synrgy360, Life Fitness Elevation Series, Hammer Strength, etc. Click here if you would like more information on education from Henrik related to Life Fitness Academy. 

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