About Henrik

Henrik Olofsson is a fitness industry veteran based in Bangkok, Thailand. Born in Sweden, while getting his education in Sport Science from Norway and USA, he has for the past decade lived and worked in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. 

As one of the leading authorities in his field in South East Asia, Henrik works with organisations, gyms and fitness clubs all over the region conducting seminars, staff education, gym design and program development. 

Together with his wife Amm, Henrik is the owner of HAUS No3 - a boutique personal training studio in Bangkok, Thailand. He is also the designer and owner of FYSIK - a company that makes handcrafted fitness equipment for luxury homes, boutique hotels and studios all over the world.  

Henrik is well known in the region as an athlete and coach as a part of the team of Under Armour™ brand ambassadors. He frequently travels around Asia in his job as the master instructor for FMS (Functional Movement Screen™) and consulting for TripleFit - a performance and retail hub in Singapore.